Techwire - Industry Briefing: 2020 California State Budget Review

Jul 22, 2020


A new fiscal year has begun for the State of California and the Governor has signed a $202 billion budget. What will be its impact on information technology spending? The new budget will fund several technology projects and initiatives, but the nature of this budget is different. Times are more turbulent and it has impacted state spending. It’s critical for those who do business with California state and local government to understand the budget landscape and how the funds will be spent at the departmental level.  


Join us for an On Demand viewing of our July 22 Industry Briefing where Joe Morris, e.Republic’s VP of Research, walks you through the new budget and dives into the opportunities, trends and priorities for the year to come. He provides actionable insights you can apply to your California state and local government marketing and sales strategies.


During this briefing, discussions will focus on: 

  • What’s included in the budget
  • How much will go to technology spending
  • What technologies the state plans to invest in
  • How the decreased budget will affect IT spending


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A message from our Keynote Speaker


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