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This one-day event is designed to convene leaders and innovators from across the state to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in higher education information technology. As institutions continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, cybersecurity, online learning, and data management, this summit offers a place for collaboration, learning, and strategic planning.

The Higher Education IT Leadership Summit is more than just an event; it's a strategic gathering of minds dedicated to shaping the future of technology in academia. The summit looks to help support change, inspire innovation, and equip participants with the knowledge and connections needed to lead their institutions through the IT challenges and opportunities currently in front of them and ahead of them.


  • Foster Collaboration: Create a forum for IT leaders to meet in-person locally and share insights, strategies, and best practices for overcoming common challenges and leveraging opportunities within the higher education sector.
  • Highlight Innovation: Showcase best practices and experiences in using technology to address new approaches to teaching, learning, and administrative operations.
  • Enhance Leadership Skills: Learn from colleagues and peers on how to develop leadership capabilities to advance careers and effectively guide IT departments and institutions.
  • Address Key Challenges: Address topics such as AI, system modernizations, cybersecurity threats, privacy regulations, cloud and infrastructure scalability, and the integration of new technologies, budget challenges, and more.
  • Explore Future Trends and Opportunities: Examine the future landscape of higher education technology, including the challenges ahead, what needs focus and attention, and the potential impact on the IT’s mission and workforce.

Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs, IT directors, technology and system managers, and other IT leaders in higher education. Also, those who are spearheading digital transformation initiatives, managing IT infrastructure, or developing innovative learning technologies. Titles include CIOs and CTOs, Deputy CIO and CTOs, CISOs and deputy CISOs, IT directors, and managers, Future IT leaders, Functional IT leaders and managers.

Why Attend:

  • Local and Sized Right: Free to attend if you work in higher education. The Summit is designed to be small and more collaborative with up to 50 invited attendees. The local venue eliminates long and costly travel outside the state.
  • Expert Panels: Engage with thought leaders and experts in discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in higher education IT.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers from various institutions and industry, share experiences, and build partnerships that extend beyond the summit.

A message from our Keynote Speaker

IT Leadership in higher education goes beyond just managing systems; it's about envisioning the future of learning and collaboration. The NJ NY Higher IT Leadership Education Summit is an excellent opportunity for me as a CIO and my team to contribute to the broader conversation on how technology can drive academic innovation, support research, and enhance campus operations in the face of 21st-century challenges.

Gamin Bartle, CIO, William Patterson University of New Jersey

Carol Ann Boyle, CIO, Adelphi University

At the NJ/NY Higher Education IT Leadership Summit, you can join a conversation containing topics at the forefront of the educational technology journey and evolution where technology visionaries unite to pave the way for transformative change.

Garrett McAlister, Assistant VP/CIO, Westchester Community College

The NJ NY Higher Education IT Leadership Summit represents an invaluable local forum for exploring the transformative role of technology in academia. It's a chance to share with our partners in NY and learn from the collective experience on how to navigate the future of IT in higher education and the intricate balance between innovation and risk, ensuring our institutions remain at the forefront of educational excellence.

Neal Sturm, Vice President/CIO Farleigh Dickerson University

In a time where the future of higher education faces unprecedented challenges brought on by external forces, the NJ NY Higher Education IT Leadership Summit helps current and future IT leaders stay ahead, ensuring that our digital strategies meet institutional needs to remain competitive, innovative, and secure.

Ed Wozencroft, Vice President/CIO, New Jersey Institute of Technology

As an IT leader, the NJ NY Higher Education Summit represents a vital forum for exploring the transformative role of technology in teaching, learning, research, and work. It provides an opportunity to exchange insights and knowledge, drawing from collective experiences to navigate the future of IT in higher education. This includes understanding the intricate balance between innovation and risk, essential for ensuring our institutions remain at the forefront of educational excellence.

Lin Zhou, Senior Vice President/CIO, The New School


Thursday, October 10

8:00 am Eastern

Registration and Light Breakfast

9:00 am Eastern

Welcome and Introductions

9:05 am Eastern

Keynote –Navigating the Future: Leadership & Innovation in Higher Ed

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, changing demographics, evolving job markets, and numerous pathways to productive careers, higher education can be said to stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. In this talk, we’ll explore the various trends impacting higher education and how these trends are increasingly driving the strategic direction of institutions of higher education. With technology playing a key role in the future of higher education, we will discuss the increasing importance of the role of the CIO and how collaboration, both within and beyond academia, is essential in developing a strategic vision, fostering innovation, and ultimately, achieving institutional success.

Dr. John Pelesko, Ph.D., Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs, NJIT

10:00 am Eastern


10:20 am Eastern

Edge of Innovation: Navigating Innovation and Risk During the Digital Transformation

At a time when emerging technologies are shaping the future of higher education, CIOs face the challenges of spearheading innovation, managing workload, and associated risks. Our panelists will share insights and strategies on the drive to balance innovation with the imperative of risk management. Together they will explore approaches to incorporating and leveraging new technologies, including AI, while safeguarding their institutions' ethical standards and strategic objectives.

Topics to be explored:

  • Strategic Innovation vs. Risk Management: Sharing of experiences on how to navigate their risks while fostering innovation. What frameworks and tools have been useful for assessing technological opportunities and risks.
  • AI Implementation Insights: How has the AI explosion impacted the work and strategic planning in higher education and what does the CIO and their team need to do to be innovative, collaborative, and careful as they journey into the new world.
  • Cultivating Responsible Tech Culture: What experiences and advice can be shared to effectively promote a culture of responsible innovation, balancing enthusiasm for new technologies with an informed approach to risk
  • Moderator: Lin Zhou, Senior Vice President/CIO, The New School

    11:10 am Eastern

    User Expectations: Crafting Campus Tech that Wows and Works

    The digital landscape is continuously reshaping the foundations of higher education, the expectations of students, faculty, and staff for seamless, secure, and accessible technology experiences have never been higher. This higher education panel will discuss the critical role of IT in not just meeting but anticipating the digital needs of campus communities. They will share strategies and successes in orchestrating user-centric IT ecosystems that support diverse learning styles and work models.

    Topics to be explored include:

  • Evolving Digital Needs: Insights into understanding and adapting to the changing digital expectations of the community.
  • Educational Empowerment through IT: Strategies for building an informed user base through comprehensive training and development programs, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy in empowering users.
  • Design with the User in Mind: Implementing user-centered design principles to create intuitive, engaging digital environments that enhance learning and administrative processes.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: Addressing the critical importance of inclusivity and accessibility in technology solutions, ensuring that digital resources are equitably available to all members of the community.
  • Feedback Loops and Satisfaction Metrics: Methods for measuring user satisfaction, gathering feedback, and using this data to continuously refine IT services and support structures.
  • 12:00 pm Eastern

    Morning Wrap-up and Lunch

    1:00 pm Eastern

    Talent Tango: Navigating the Complexities of IT Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education

    The task of attracting and retaining skilled IT professionals is a notable challenge, especially within the higher education sector of the bustling regions of New York and New Jersey. Given the high cost of living, the concentration of academic institutions, and competition from the tech industry, higher education CIOs have been facing a unique set of challenges. This panel discussion aims to shed light on effective strategies and practices for managing IT talent in this distinctive context.

    Topics to be explored include:

  • Navigating Regional Challenges: Insights and strategies into overcoming obstacles of recruiting and retaining IT talent in New York and New Jersey.
  • Addressing Compensation and Benefits: Creative approaches on addressing the competitive compensation and benefits challenge that also resonates with the expectations of IT professionals.
  • Encouraging Professional Advancement: Initiatives that provide professional development opportunities that cater to the aspirations of IT professionals.
  • Strengthening Departmental Identity and Talent Pipelines: Effective methods for enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of your IT department, aiming to establish a continuous flow of talent.
  • Committing to Diversity and Inclusion: Successful strategies for implementing diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process.
  • 1:55 pm Eastern

    Industry Tech Talk – Future-Proofing IT in Higher Education: Industry Experts Share their Insights and Predictions

    In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of technological trends and innovations is crucial for higher education institutions. In this Industry Tech Talk our forward-thinking panel will share their expertise and vision on the strategic direction technology is taking and what its transformative impact will be on the work of a higher education CIOs and their teams. The panel will focus on technology trends and strategic implications coming to higher education, how to prepare and adapt, opportunities for future collaboration, and the future outlook on higher education’s ongoing focus on the digital transformation.

    2:45 pm Eastern


    3:00 pm Eastern

    Around the Room Conversation: What else needs to be on the IT Priority List?

    In this transformative and fast-paced era of higher education technology, the IT priority list is continually evolving. From cybersecurity to infrastructure upgrades, institutions are juggling a myriad of critical projects. But what else deserves a spot on this ever-growing list? In this rapid-fire group conversation, we will identify what requires more time, conversation, focus, and leadership within IT organizations, as well as the critical roles that are essential for the success of these important initiatives.

    3:30 pm Eastern

    Closing Thoughts and Wrap Up

    Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.

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