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The Mid-Sized City/County CIO Summit is a unique gathering of IT leaders from jurisdictions spanning the United States. Dedicated to cities with fewer than 500,000 residents and counties with less than 1,000,000 residents, the summit focuses on the unique challenges that cities and counties face, especially when they don’t have the financial resources of many of their large neighbors. There are also a unique set of opportunities as we continue our journey into the mobile age, face new cybersecurity threats and feel the pressures of an aging population and workforce.

Topics included in our discussions will include:

  • Enhancing the User Experience
  • Smarter Communities Management
  • A Workforce in Transition
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more!

A message from our Keynote Speaker


Wednesday, July 18

8:00 am Eastern

Registration and Breakfast

8:30 am Eastern

Welcome and Introductions

9:00 am Eastern

Enhancing the User Experience

Uber, Amazon, Alexa, Siri, Airbnb – these are just a few of the innovations that have given rise to entirely new paradigms in customer experience. Can government do the same? Absolutely. There’s not really much choice. Sooner or later, it must be done. The good news is that it’s closer and more attainable than one might think. This session looks at innovative tools and strategies that can revamp and revitalize government’s relationship with its citizens.

10:00 am Eastern

Smarter Communities Management

Cities and counties are all working towards the goal of “smarter.” This has a variety of meanings, but we can save that for another discussion! As these efforts continue, there is a growing sense that managing this from an enterprise perspective will provide worthwhile benefits. This is easier said than done. Siloed organizations don’t always want to coordinate and have challenges with sharing infrastructure, data and even time. How do you get past that and do the benefits outweigh the effort? These questions and others will all be on the table for a lively discussion.

11:00 am Eastern


11:15 am Eastern

A Workforce in Transition

Newsflash - your workforce is in transition. All employers are aware of the silver tsunami, gender issues and low unemployment rates that make hiring and retaining employees a challenge. This session will be an opportunity to share your strategies, successes and failures in all areas of your organization including the goal of having a more diverse workforce.

12:15 pm Eastern


1:00 pm Eastern


What would a Digital Communities CIO Summit be without a discussion of cybersecurity? From the difficulty to attract and keep good talent to the challenge that IoT creates in a siloed environment, cybersecurity is a major issue. While it consumes a small amount of your budget, I’m sure you wish you had more tools to deal with the challenges. In fact, many organizations don’t get sufficient funding until an intrusion occurs, often at the expense of the CIO’s employment!

2:00 pm Eastern


2:15 pm Eastern

Open Discussion on Topics of Interest

3:00 pm Eastern


Conference times, agenda and speakers are subject to change.

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The Cavalier Virginia Beach

4200 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 425-8555