Empowering Women in Government: Real Leaders Share Real Experiences

Apr 28, 2021


Women are continually breaking barriers and holding more leadership positions in government than ever before. Following the 2020 election, a record-breaking number of women are serving in Congress, including 52 women of color. But they are still underrepresented. Women only hold a little over a quarter of elected seats across government. And technology is tougher – only about 16 percent of state CIOs are women. Across counties, it is 12 percent.

Encouraging and empowering women to seek leadership positions – and to enter workforces with historic underrepresentation – is critical. The most profound guidance and mentorship often comes from women who have already climbed the ladder.

Our two-hour event will feature rapid roundtable discussions and short inspirational talks, all with the goal of helping advance professional and personal learning for women in government.


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Event Date: April 28, 2021

Open to Public Sector only.

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