CUNY Virtual IT Conference 2021

Dec 2 - 3, 2021


The 20th Anniversary CUNY IT Conference will take place virtually on December 2 & 3, 2021. This year’s conference theme is: Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Working at the Future CUNY – Utopias and Dystopias. In considering this year’s conference theme, we ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Artificial intelligence is here (again). What can it do for workflows in our offices? What can it do for our students? For teaching and learning? What do you fear it may do to all concerned?
  2. HyFlex gives students the flexibility to attend class how they see fit. Can this model foster more equity – and how?
  3. Students and educators are increasingly turning to the internet for services such as access to supplemental materials, online tutoring and entire courses and degrees. What does that trend portend for higher education and for CUNY?
  4. What does the ideal cyberspace look like for CUNY?

A message from our Keynote Speaker

This year’s CUNY IT Conference, which marks its 20th anniversary, promises to be especially thought-provoking and forward-looking. As technology has become so fully integrated in our teaching, learning and working lives, what are the prevailing utopian and dystopian visions regarding its use at CUNY? I look forward to dynamic and provocative discussions among faculty, administrators, IT staff and others as we compare our respective visions for technology in our future.

– Brian Cohen, Vice Chancellor for Technology and University Chief Information Officer, City University of New York


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Event Dates: December 2 & 3, 2021

Open to Public Sector only.

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